Looping suit

Conceived exclusively for acrobatic-flight pilots...
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  • Customized aerobatics suit
From 645.83 € Excl. VAT, Ex-works Talant, France
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Copyrighted - please click for more information Special design Made-to-measure Slow down core temperature increasing Aramid fabric Hand made Embroidering available 1 layer Perspiration
Available colors for customization:
Red Orange Yellow Lime green 368C Light green 3278C Dark green 3425C Vintage blue Royal blue player blue Sunset blue Navy blue Black Grey Silver White Natural white Grey Light blue Gold

Technical data

- Sleeves mounting allowing freer mobility
- Comfort collar
- 100% Aramid fiber for Heat Stress Control (perspiration evaporation’s management)
- Inside pockets for comfort foam inserts fitment
- External pockets
- Cuffs
- NASCAR-style leg bottoms